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Square Foot

Understanding each square foot

Carpet Area: It is the area of your flat where you can roll a carpet. It does not include the balconies of the flat.

Usable Carpet: The carpet area and the area of all balconies provided in the flat give the usable carpet area.

Saleable: The saleable area is the built up area along with a premium area included for the kind of amenities provided.

  Project A Project B
Saleable area 1000 1000
Useable carpet area 825 750
Carpet area 625 550
Rate on saleable area (Rs. /Square foot) 10,000 10,000
Total cost(Rs.) 1,00,00,000 1,00,00,000
Rate on carpet area (Rs. /Square foot) 16,000 18,181

The above example shows that though the total cost and saleable area are the same clearly the carpet area in project A is 75 square foot more than project B. So it is upon the buyer to decide if it is worth buying lesser carpet area in project B for the same total cost as project A based on other factors like amenities and location of the project.

As the rates are usually mentioned in terms of saleable area it is always good to ask of the carpet area so that one can get a clearer picture of various options.